Shipping, Returns & Info

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for our customers.

All Bread orders are made to customer’s custom order unless selecting from our Signature Bread choices.

All orders may take  3-4 days to be processed(could be quicker!), unless purchasing from our miniature bread bags which depends on requested quantity. During peak times orders may take 5-6 days to be processed but will be stated on the site to notify all customers.

Processing and shipping departments  are closed every Friday and Saturday. So please plan properly if bread is needed by a specific date!

May- September can be temperature danger zone months for our products. Product will only ship out Monday- Wednesday and will only ship either overnight or two (2) day air through select carriers. Ground shipping will be available for the remainder of the Gregorian calendar months.

Order cancellations must be done so within the first 24 hours of being processed. If product gets shipped out before cancellation, product must be returned in original state for a full refund. Return shipping charges will apply to the customer’s behalf.

Please review all orders before fully checking out. Refunds will only be granted up to seven (7) days after order shipped date specifically  for products that were incorrectly made. Please hold onto product and packaging, pictures may be requested. We are dedicated to making your order right!

Special shipping rates may apply to all orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico and may be restricted during months to enforce product quality upon delivery.

Please note all of our products are processed in a facility that handles nuts(all) and all products are made with dairy, wheat, and soy ingredients. (see ingredients page to check details of topping ingredients). None of our ingredients or products are made with any unclean beast of the field or of the sea! (Reference Leviticus Ch.11)

We suggest that our product be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. Refrigeration of product may be required to keep proper form of product. It’s Bread products have a shelf life of fourteen (14) days. We recommend immediate consumption of all baked goods for ideal satisfaction.

Caution: Bread Boxes are made from real veneer wood. Handle boxes with care to avoid any major or minor injuries.

All products and ingredients are subject to its current availability. All prices are subject to change.

It’s Bread reserves the right to make changes at any time to any and all of our policies. It’s Bread reserves the right to refuse service to any person/party at anytime.